Angelite Necklace

Angelite Necklace

SKU: MM377

Sterling Silver chain necklace with dangling Angelite stones highlighted by creme and brown  Swarovski Crystals.


  • Size: 18 1/2 inch
  • Stones: Angelite + Swarovski Crystal


Handcrafted by Michelle


    Angelite stones emanate serenity and benevolence, representing peace and brotherhood. It is a stone of tranquility, and it invokes a sense of inner peace. Angelite helps you be more compassionate and accepting of that which cannot be changed. Wearing Angelite stone provides one with a focal point of connection for receiving love, guidance, and help. It is soothing to the emotional body, lending a lightness of being during difficult times. It is an excellent stone at times when one needs to learn to temper one’s words in consideration of others.