Kyanite Drop Earrings

Kyanite Drop Earrings

SKU: GS402

These green drop earrings are great for any occasion, work to evening.  Three freshwater pearls sit atop the kyanite dangles.  


Stones: Kyanite and Freshwater Pearls

Size: 1 1/2 inches


Hancrafted by Gwen


    Green Kyanite can create a bridge between oneself and the dynamic balance of nature. In natural systems, such as ecosystems or living bodies, there is a tendency towards finding a stable equilibrium. Nature compensates and readjusts to changing conditions as its stream of life flows through time. Green kyanite helps one to feel the ever-moving perfect flowing balance in nature.

    Freshwater Pearls have been known throughout time as being able to purify the inner-body energy. They have been used as conduits for relaxation and helpful introspection. Some beliefs suggest that by wearing them, they will clean the negative energy accumulated inside of you. Freshwater pearls are useful when you want to get back a pure mind.